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1 a sheltered and secluded place
2 an interior angle formed be two meeting walls; "a piano was in one corner of the room" [syn: corner]

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  • , /nʊk/, /nUk/
  • Rhymes: -ʊk


  1. A small corner formed by two walls; an alcove or recess or ancone.
    There was a small broom for sweeping ash kept in the nook between the fireplace bricks and the wall.
  2. A hidden or secluded spot.
    The back of the used book shop was one of her favorite nooks; she could read for hours and no one would bother her or pester her to buy.


A small corner formed by two walls
A hidden or secluded spot

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Nook may refer to:
  • Donna Nook (ship) (1916-1941), a 40 metre, 307 ton trawler, pressed into service as a minesweeper
  • Nook (Lexx episode), an episode of the science-fiction TV series, LEXX
  • Nook may also refer to a corner, as in a room.
  • Nook may also mean a nuclear bomb, but the spelling nuke is to be preferred
  • A nook (Latin nocate) is an obsolete land measure being a quarter of a virgate.

Arts and entertainment


  • Nook Logan (born 1979), American baseball center fielder who currently plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization

Fictional characters


  • Nook, Cumbria, England
  • Acres Nook, a suburb of Kidsgrove in the Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme, England
  • Daisy Nook, a country park in the town of Failsworth, in the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, Greater Manchester, England
  • Donna Nook, a bombing range on the coast of Lincolnshire, England
  • Salendine Nook, a district of Huddersfield in the English county of West Yorkshire
  • Teddy's Nook, a house built by Henry Pease for his own habitation, on Saltburn by the Sea Bank, Yorkshire, England
  • Urlay Nook, a village within the borough of Stockton-on-Tees and the ceremonial county of County Durham, England
  • Wall Nook, a small village in County Durham, England

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